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What is Squanky Kong?

Squanky Kong is the personal musical workings of James M. House (sometimes known as Squankidonk/Squanky/Squank). His role includes that of composer, producer, and engineer. He writes all the music and lyrics, plays bass & guitar, while also performing percussion, synthesizers, and vocals on some compositions.

Where did the name Squankidonk come from?

The name is believed to have originated from comic strips in the south during the 30's-40's. Pronounced skwan'ke'dongk, it was first used jokingly by James' father towards someone else. Later picked up by his brother and then friends it became acquainted with James around 15 years of age, as a nickname. Squanky or Squank, short for Squankidonk, was a usual call-sign among friends during his teenage years.

What does Squankidonk mean?

After being asked through the years what it means, James decided to define it as a person with passion and attachment for musical creation. It is his belief that musical creativity comes from a universal place. So any passionate musician is really Squankidonk by his definition. There is also a fictionalized myth related to Squankidonk, created for entertainment purposes, for Squank Entertainment.

How long has Squanky Kong been around?

"Squanky Kong" first use as a name dates back to early 1994 when a garage band Squankidonk was in had a gig for the first time and needed a name. It is believed to have been suggested by a friend, coming from an early generation of video gamers. The first recordings officially using the "Squanky Kong" name were copyrighted in 1997, comprised of a 15min tape EP called "With'in the Boundaries"

What kind of music is it?

Each song takes on a different direction though commonly falling in a handful of different but familiar genres like modern rock, jazz fusion, blues/funk rock, etc. It crosses many styles of rock including progressive, metal, alternative, psychedelic, roots, jam, etc. It comes from classical, jazz, funk, blues, reggae, folk, and more. Influences include (in random order) Frank Zappa, Duke Ellington, Pink Floyd, Tchaikovsky, Primus, King Crimson, Faith No More, Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Count Basie, BB King, Parliment-Funkadelic, Soundgarden, Mr. Bungle, Megadeth, Rush, Cream, Iron Maiden, Beethoven, Mozart, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Phish, Dave Matthew's Band, and so much more. The music is about a multidimensional expression from the straight rock songs to the far out improvised fusion. Whether exploring the boundaries of creativity or visiting a familiar place in a new way.

Who did all the art and design work?

Various people have put their talents toward the various art and design featured with Squanky Kong.
Current credits include:

James M. House - Web Design and Art Concept
Torturr - Artist - "SK Creature" (featured on main webpage, "Under a Raven's Review" cover, and merchanise)
Paul Carrick - Artist - "Under a Raven's Review" album cover (also featured with merchandise)

What would Squanky Kong be like live?

As of the release of the debut album "Under a Raven's Review" there is not a touring band lineup. Though efforts will be underway to gather backing to further that horizon. Any people wanting to support such efforts should join the mailing list.

A formed Squanky Kong band would always have Squank playing guitars and six-string bass. With another player switching with him on guitar and bass. The lead vocalist will usually be whomever is featured on the most current release. However, the lineup is never dependent on vocals, the constant being Squank's music and leadership combined with his guitar and bass playing. Initially there will likely be a 6-piece band featuring a vocalist, drummer, guitarist, and keyboardist in addition two guitar/bass players (one being Squank).

Once formed, Squanky Kong Live will need to start by opening for more established groups, performing festivals, smaller shows, while working to build a stronger fan-base. These early performances will consist of mostly the various hybrid rock content of the studio music being played. While the experimental side will only be seen live in the form of a special song on occasion. This is due primarily to the additional musicians needed for the larger arrangements (horns, percussion, etc.), a bit much for the developing band. However, it is also due to the difficulty in effectively delivering diverse content to Squanky Kong standards within smaller time-slots given to new bands.

A future of successful growth for Squanky Kong will not only bring much more lush studio albums, but a monstrous touring production. Such future Squanky Kong Live would probably consist of three sets of music, a middle set being dedicated to the experimental side with additional musicians appearing just for it. This approach allows the acustom SK hybrid rock sets to open and close the concert. Meanwhile those less attached to the experimental side can treat it as an intermission. Combined with mesmerizing lights and fantastic visual accompaniment you can bet that a Squanky Kong concert of the future would be a something to remember.

What is the mailing list for? Is my infomation kept private?

Squanky Kong's mailing list consists mainly of an email address and zipcode/country. The zipcode/country is used primarily to understand where the fans are located in general. This helps to know where any potential tours and other things should be focused. While the email address is used to send out ocassional notices. Squanky Kong notices will be very few. You will be notified of a new music release or a touring coming up. There might be a notice of new "exclusive" content available online.

As with most bands and artists, mailing lists are very important because they are used to demonstrate the size of a fan-base in many cases. For up and coming artists such as Squanky Kong, it is even more critical, helping to get shows booked, etc.

Squanky Kong maintains a private mailing list controlled by the record label Squank Entertainment. At no time will your email address be sold, or given away.












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